Saturday, June 17, 2017

The sad demise of Drug Rat

Loki often destroys his toys. The first one I remember was a little stuffed Bumble. Loki played too hard and before long, Bumble had 1 leg rather than two. The sad fate continues for each of his toys. Lost limbs, eyes, stuffings. His latest was a little cricket that would chirp when he tossed it around. Oh Loki loved hearing that toy chirp chirp chirp. He loved it to death by chewing it's stuffing out though the toy's chirp component refused to die.

So Cro did a little toy surgery and transplanted the chirp into a heartier toy we like to call the Drug Rat. Drug Rat had a velcro pocket in its tummy to hold catnip. It was easy to fill Drug Rat with the chirp mechanism rather than catnip. Loki was delighted and made even greater efforts to destroy that toy, which smelled amazing to him and now also chirped! I found poor drug rat soaked from a dunk in Loki's water bowl and endlessly chirping as though it wanted someone to hear the tale of its demise before it could no longer make a sound.

I tossed the soaked and dripping little toy into the trash so Loki wouldn't be able to kill it more. It continued to chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp… from the trash but its voice became weaker over time. It is finally silent this morning.

R.I.P. Drug Rat.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

show and tell

Working on a portfolio site for myself. Here it is in progress and any critique to help make it better is welcome. It is BIGTIME in-progress with lots still to add for all of the secondary pages. Anyway, here

It's scary sad how much stuff I have without much organization. I've put up tons of older work and just a few newer pieces, none of my email design (which I've done TONS of), none of my online display ads (also TONS of), and no print work or illustration. So yeah, I have LOTS of stuff to add and I know it would be good if I also write a little something about some of them. For now, it's mostly placeholder images for the "Choose a project category" section.

But enough explaining … I've said it's in-progress and I'm sharing the link in case any of you have tips.

Matt and his boss have given me a couple of projects to work on. His boss even asked that I bill her weekly rather than saving it all for one bigger bill at the end. I know that is to help me but wow, so incredible these people!!

One of the people at the big project I just finished just referred me to a client of theirs to bid on a website redesign, based on how happy they are with my work. Yay. :)

But still scary-boo regarding mortgage and such. Cro and I have even stopped our once-per-week date lunch in effort to save a few bucks. *sigh*

And of course, my MS has me walking like a cripple now. I migrated to using a cane several months ago but it's tough to get around even with that. Why do I have to have a sucky body AND have to worry so darned bad about money? Yeah, I know … I'm a whiney baby. My mom is 74 and still riding horses. I'm so happy that she can still do that.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Is it really that bad?

I took a look at my bank account from previous years and was surprised to see I was down to only a couple of months of mortgage/bills money at one point. I don't think I was freaking out then as much as I am now. Maybe it was the bliss of not being aware. Maybe it was that I still had my little retirement IRA that I could cash in if I had to.

Whatever the reason, I'm much more stressed about it now than normal. I hate being this ultra-stressed. I really want this freelance life to work out though I've been applying to a few 9-5 jobs. Cro says it will much harder to find a spot now that I've been freelancing for several years. What's up with that? You'd think I'd be even more valuable.

Memorial Day is approaching and Cro will have a three-day weekend. That will be nice. We've already made plans to grill burgers. We gave up our weekly date day to save money. BUT, we have a coupon for Abuelo's and will be having our date lunch Saturday. Yay.

And I get to call the big client Friday to remind them that their invoice is well past-due.

Money money money. It sucks.

Matt and I will probably be going to see the new Wonder Woman movie in a couple of weeks. Yay for small happinesses with friends. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

t for tuesday

A couple of my friends produce a weekly Podcast called "I'm So Sure". This week they featured Cher … and Matt joined in the fun. :) You should Google it and check it out if you are into all things '80's. It's really quite awesome.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

work work?

Cro spoke up to let me know that customer service is a sucky, sucky job. Then I read a few reviews of a place that was looking for someone (reviews by former employees). The reviews pretty much told the story of how it is working in a low-skill-needed job. The stories were of be being demeaned, made to cry, the lack of respect and lack of thanks shown and how the boss would get jollies sitting in the high seat and making the workers sad. Then I thought of the movie Office Space. Great movie, but kind of a horrible reality. And I thought of the jobs I had while in college. I've been lucky and none of my jobs were horrible or made me feel bad. No "Office Space" scenarios.

Back to the needing money issue…

I thought I'd call a few people I've done design/web work for and see if they have anything going. Matt is such a sweetheart. A few minutes after I got off the phone with his boss he called to let me know of a couple of projects for people he knows. :) One was for the film fest we do pro-bono work for every year. The other was for a restaurant he and I had quoted together. The restaurant decided to do something on their own but they haven't done anything at all and it's been a good while now. Matt's going to bring it up with them again.

Maybe I just need to look at what's available in the design/web world. Someone might love to have another freelance resource.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Looking for a new job in my mid-40's.

This sucks considering I'm no spring chicken anymore and I have mobility issues (using a cane now), but ima have to get a job on top of the freelance work. Freelance can continue but I need a bit more moola to keep up with mortgage and bills. So, I'm thinking customer service would be a sit-down thing and maybe faster to get into than job as a designer who can't really present well due to not being able to walk.

Yeah, the big project I did and presented and taught was like a dream, but a former co-worker brought it my way and was fabulously fun to work with, so no stress at all in presenting or letting them see I have a trouble walking.

Anyway, I'm sort of light of spirit about the situation now. I've been worrying myself sick knowing I only have 4 or 5 months of savings left and I don't want to see that go down to dangerous levels.

So brrrring! brrrring! Hello. How can I help you? :D

Please don't let my bubble be busted by it being more difficult to get into than I'm thinking/hoping. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Oh good grief it's May!?!?!

Sorry I disappeared for awhile. A longer while than I thought.

My big project went smashingly well and is done, my in-person teaching session with them is done, and they are paying me a small three-month retainer for maintenance, updates and answering questions they may have.

And I just finished a mini-stress fest of a project for another client. I thought it was going to be 18 hours of work in one day but turned out to be 10.5 hours of work over two days.

Now it's the weekend! Happy happy weekend.

Matt's birthday was last week and we got together for a movie and prezzies Wednesday. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 3D. Loved it! Regarding gifts, Matt likes Wonder Woman so I got him the Wonder Woman mom (Hippolyta I think) with horse action figure from Walmart (yeah, it's actually pretty cool though). Also another Bowie book that he said might be his favorite Bowie book of all, and a huge Japanese compilation of some comic that I don't remember the name of (he is a fan). I laughed and told him when the book arrived I called to Cro and said I think this book is broken, the cover is on backwards. lol. Cro explained that Japanese books are often bound that way. It's normal.

I'm sure I have all sorts of things to catch you up on since I neglected the blog so horribly. I'm sorry. And I'm back! Well, it's the weekend so… Monday! ^_^
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