Friday, May 25, 2018

Race weekend? Birthday fun with Matt. Boring CBD stuff.

I guess it is race weekend. Lots of jets have been flying overhead. That's an odd sentence me. Where else would the jets be flying other than overhead?

Matt was here yesterday afternoon/early-evening so I could celebrate his birthday with a few gifts. Matt always makes my day. :) Such fun and laughs. Loki seems to like him lots too.

My venture into using CBD hasn't been going as well as I hoped. The problem is that it's EXPENSIVE! The type that has worked the best for me is full spectrum Charlotte's Web CBD oil. The problem is that I go through the "Charlotte's Web Plus" way too fast. For it to work I need to take more than 1 dropper. The bottle contains 30 28mg doses. Yep, doesn't last long when I take 2 doses twice a day. I can't afford the one that would definitely be enough, "Charlotte's Web Advanced" has 60 doses of 43mg.

In trying to boost the effectiveness I bought some CBD isolate (which is solely CBD and none of the full spectrum stuff).

I've also bought some "full spectrum" CBD oil from two different companies other than the Charlotte's Web people. That full spectrum CBD has nearly no CBG and CBC included. CBG is what seems to give greater bladder control, plus some additional pain relief. CBC also adds to pain relief.

CBD isolate isn't as effective for me as full spectrum CBD with CBG and CBC. I'm new to this stuff but hurting and being in this body after I take it has made me a flash-"expert" on what works for me and what doesn't work for me.

Boring to share, I know. I've developed chronic pain in my right leg over the past year and use a walker. The last I remember being able to get around with the cane is when I was doing the website presentation for a former co-worker. I think that was April 2017.

The walker keeps me from falling but ick, I don't think I can go anywhere without it now. I even need it to get around in my house.

I'm about this ][ close to going all out snake juice fasting. I hear it has been great for Anne.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Family and pain relief

A quick update to let you all know I'm still here.

One of my cousins is now retired and spending her retirement RVing around the country (this year anyway). She is calling this her trial year with the RV and has been on the road driving to visit relatives from the state of Washington, through Texas, Florida and lastly Indiana. She is just enough older than I am that I didn't see her much growing up. While I was in grade school she was living half the country away and raising her own family.

It was so wonderful to have a couple of days to get to know her better and share stories of my dad, our grandma and several other members of our family. Dad was the baby of his family so this cousin grew up more like a sister than a niece to my dad. She has two siblings who are near her age and another sibling who is a couple of years older than me. She says that in all practical purposes, the youngest brother was an only child. The three older siblings were already out of the home and living their own adult lives.

She is gone now and I miss her to pieces! She is such an interesting person and had lots of things in common with Cro—love of animals, appreciation of his work at the wildlife rescue and his love of rattlesnakes, wood carving (I can't wait to see pictures of things she has made), and general love of exploration and seeing the fascinating things in our world.

In other news, Matt's birthday was last week and we are going to get together for his HBD (happy birthday) celebration at my place for gifts, cocktails and a movie.

And I'm under a pile of projects (which is good) so I'm getting back to it.

Oh, big news on the MS front: I've finally been able to use CBD Oil (it's legal here now!!!) and it is SO wonderful for pain relief. It's so good, in fact, that I'm already sure I need it in my life permanently and worrying about affording it every month. I probably haven't mentioned it because why bring the blog down with constant complaints but I have chronic pain in my right leg from hip to ankle. A combination of Aleve and Tylenol has been used to the point where it was hurting my stomach. I've become familiar with the term "painsomnia" over the past year or so.

CBD Oil doesn't bother my stomach at all (so no more ulcer worries) and it has more benefits than the big one of pain relief (like it gives me control of bladder urgency—I know, TMI—and a list of benefits that may happen cumulatively I'm only beginning to appreciate and watch for).

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Cro has been promoted. He doesn't know all of the details yet but knows they will be moving to a new system in the lab to manage test results and he will be responsible for that system and says it will be a slow transition. I'm super excited though. :D

Friday, January 12, 2018

Yay! Late Christmas with Matt :)

Late Christmas with Matt was SO fun. It just reminds me how nice it is to get together with a friend who is dear enough to tell me he considers me his sister. :) I feel the same.

We exchanged gifts, talked and laughed and immediately felt at ease even though he hasn't visited my house for years (we would normally get together at his place when I worked downtown). It was nothing like that feeling of being the hostess and stressing that everything was up to standards of the visitors. It was comfortable and nice.

We had a cocktail and I told him I think Loki is snuggled behind the quilt on the futon. He went into the television room to see and they were making friends when I returned with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn for him to snack on. Loki seemed to miss him and seemed on watch in case he came back for the rest of the evening after he left.

We watched a few old episodes of The Simpsons, chatted and had a nice time. He suggested we have movie nights at my place in future now on occasion and I love that idea! This morning he texted to let me know he was telling John about that cocktail mix we had and how good it was. It was pretty easy too.

*sigh* Happy Friendmas. :)

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018? Yeah, 2018! ^_^

Matt and I are getting together at my house for our late Christmas on Thursday! And now I'm in a frenzy of tidying and cleaning for company.

Cro and I have made resolutions to eat better and to REALLY commit to helping our bodies be healthy this year. I've been flirting with the Snake Juice Fasting that I read about (mostly from Anne's carbtripper blog). And do low carb when I eat.

Cro does intermittent fasting ... he fasts for 24 hours at a time. He usually gets home from work by 8pm so he eats one meal and then starts another 24 more hours of fast.

Okay - more cleaning to do!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

He Got Out!

Cro's Escape Room experience was a success. He and his team got out with 2 minutes to spare. Since this was an advanced challenge, and only 5% get out, I think it's pretty cool.

He said there wasn't much variety to the challenge. They had to find several codes to unlock combination locks and that was it. When I told him about the challenge Felicia Day experienced and how someone had to put their hand in toilet water to fish out a condom which contained a clue, he said that sort of thing would have made it more interesting. … but ew

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