Wednesday, January 18, 2017

as Britney says, you gotta work b****

It's 11am and I am only now finishing up two client's pop-in projects so I can get back to my big one. work work.

Mom just called and let me know that one uncle says another uncle told him he'd heard that it was healthy for a person to have one shot of whiskey every morning. One became two and two became three and now he's an alcoholic and having bad health troubles. :( I'm so lucky that alcohol doesn't have that needy grasp on me. I like it when I have it (it makes me giggly) but I have no problem at all going months to years without a drink.

I biked 7.3 miles this morning and carried Loki back to bed after. Silly cat, he likes the routine.

I thought the billboard was funny. Almost to enter Tennessee - get your fireworks and knives.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

working and biking and trying not to dwell on scary things

Working hard and taking a bike break now and then.

Yesterday's exercise bike ride (4 miles)

This morning's biking (7.1 miles). 644.7 miles total since August.

Friday, January 13, 2017

into the wild

637.7 recumbent bike miles total so far since August. It's still sort of fun to see where I would be if I were really biking in the wild, to use a web designer term for once a site is launched into the world wide wilderness. ;) I haven't left Georgia yet but am so close.

I'm not stressing as much now that I've started the new project. I have a new theory on stress and what causes it. I think it's the unknown. Once I begin to know the particulars of a project, even if there is a lot of work ahead of me, it seems the stress calms down. I don't fully know the how-to's of what this project is going to require to be what the client wants it to be, but I'm getting into possible solutions and how to tackle the unknowns and turn them into a plan.

Okay, back to work I go.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

stress monster

Of course the stress monster is getting me down as usually happens when I'm overloaded and people have high expectations of me. It will be fine.

I made myself get up 40 minutes early this morning to get in some biking, knowing that taking care of my body is one thing I can do to make myself feel more in control.

Matt, is the kindest, sweetest friend. I was telling him how my next few weeks are going to be packed with a project. His response was to ease the news that a client project he brought me in on is ready to go on a website by saying he will do the layouts and get client approval before I build anything … essentially working on things while I am overloaded so it will be ready for me to start in a few weeks. It's nice having a friend who is in the same biz as me (he's print side while I am online stuff).

7.2 miles this morning for a total of 634.7 so far.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

busy me

This is a quick note to say I'm still here. Just busy. I've accepted a project that will be taking lots of my time for the rest of the winter.

Speaking of winter, where is it? It's supposed to be 56ยบ tomorrow. That is tornado weather as Cro says. We did have some fierce wind last night and lots of limbs are down from the dead tree in our front yard.

Mom wants me to edit a couple of photos I took of her over Christmas to place them side-by-side so she can hang them on her fridge as inspiration to lose weight. Silly mom. I seem to have deleted the second pic of her from the back. She is beautiful but thinks she needs to lose 20 pounds. *sigh*

Thursday, January 5, 2017

overdue update! Happy New Year!

It's 2017 already and I haven't blogged since last year! Okay, that was only a week or so ago but still, time is moving fast.

SheZug, I took a quick glance at your blog and OMG your sweet face!! I hate that you are going through so much pain and love the pic of your guy just wanting to hold your hand. That is love right there. I hope it is starting to be a bit less painful. *gentle hugs*

I visited mom and my sister for a late Christmas. It was so good to see them. I learned some scary news that my sister is going through menopause. What??!!! I am the older sister and I'm still years away from menopause if I take after mom and see it begin at 50. My poor sister! Mom says it only lasted two years for her so hopefully Laura will see the end of it sooner than that. She also has diabetes and doesn't care for it properly (she just goes for an insulin shot any time she feels bad). Mom is too afraid to allow her to spend the night now (mom lives way out in the country and fears what would happen if she needed medical attention quickly).

Anyway, I'm going off on a bad news trip. Hit the brakes and change lanes, lol.

I loved seeing my mom and sister. I gave mom a new saddle for her horse for Christmas. That is how healthy she is. 74 and still riding horses every day that the weather allows. She rides with the kid down the road who I used to ride horses with when I was a kid. Needless to say that kid is no longer a kid. She now owns the home that she grew up in and has a husband and kids of her own.

Cro and I bought a new camera together for our Christmas. We haven't even used it yet other than a few practice shots he took to make sure everything worked. It does! :) I bought a tri-pod and Cro spent part of his time off emptying our "junk" room so we can turn it into a photo studio.

Matt and I did our late Christmas together last night. He got me one of those COOL salt lamps that I've been wanting and I was able to give him the Babadook popup book. I think I was more excited to give it to him than getting a gift myself. I hope he liked it (he said he did of course but he had to know how excited I was in giving it to him). We went to see the movie Jackie after our gift exchange. Wow, that was a good peek into her life right after the horror. I'm still thinking about it … it leaves an impression that doesn't go away.

Work is slamming me this month. Three new websites, an email design and my usual crop of updates for the Texas home builder sites. It makes me tired thinking about it all!

And here's my early morning 7ish miles. I suppose my resolution is to keep it up with the exercise. Exercise makes me feel good. ^_^

7.4 miles and on my way out of Georgia.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

busy week of holiday stuff

Yikes, I haven't blogged or biked since last Thursday! This week is going super fast. Yesterday Cro was on holiday from work, today we are both working but I also have gifts to wrap for our late Christmas at mom's, tomorrow we are driving south to have late Christmas with mom and my sister, Thursday Matt and I are having our friendsmas celebration and also going to see the movie Jackie, Friday is Cro's late day at work, then it's the weekend again!

I biked 7.3 miles this morning and hope to bike again later today. We'll see how the gift wrapping goes.

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