Wednesday, February 22, 2017

scratch-n-dent kitty

Wednesday - today I'm working on the big website project and anticipating the movie with Matt tomorrow.

Loki has been over-grooming and licking the hair off of one of his forelegs. He did this same thing a long while ago and licked one of his paws until the hair was gone between two of his toes. He had to wear an e-collar for a few days and the vet prescribed some ointment. His legs looks better today so maybe he won't have to wear an e-collar again. I wonder about him sometimes. Maybe the trauma he went through during the healing of his broken leg has given him kitty OCD. Scratch-n-dent kitty needs to chill out.

753.3 miles total since August. Tennessee is looking very rural (I like it).

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chicken Attack!

Loki has begun a habit of yowling at me to get up at 4:30ish every morning. This morning I realized this was just his need for routine … after all I have been getting up in the middle of the night to bike quite a bit as a means to get to sleep after.

So I got up at 5am and biked, thanks to Loki. I guess the middle of the night biking is better than an hour of a yowling cat hopping on me repeatedly, trying to drive me out of bed.

The sign is prophetic. It is starting to feel like spring and there will be mowing ahead.

Cro had a great idea for mom's birthday. He is going to turn a handmade sketch pencil on his lathe and I am going to buy her some nice sable brushes to paint with. She complained recently that she doesn't have anything but Walmart brushes and they don't do a good job for fine lettering. I may get her some horse socks too. lol

Here's a pic of her using the Christmas saddle for the first time (yesterday).

Matt and I are going to see "A Cure for Wellness" later this week. And I am still cranking on that big website project.

Some first-rate yodeling for Jack:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I need to think of a birthday gift idea for mom. She loves horses but has just about everything known to man that is horse-related. Horse tack for actual use while riding the horse… check. Horse books… check. Horse knick-knacks… check. Horse pictures on clothing… check. Horse games and puzzles… check. Horse pictures on the walls in her home… check. Horse pictures on pillow and blankets… check.

What else would a horse-obsessed, outdoor-loving, country mom like? Hmm, maybe some horse-stationary so she has something pretty to write me letters with. lol. But what else? That isn't much.

Giving it thought.

Cro's work had a backup tape fail so he didn't get home until late. We had a late Valentine's Day celebration. It was nice even though just a little stay-at-home dinner and gifts. We like to treat each other well even if it's just an excuse for a holiday.

Back to work. I'm up to 739.2 total miles on the bike since August. Yesterday I only got 5.1 miles in. It's nice to feel something is missing until I've done my biking. It's routine now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Call from one of my clients and possibly another project on the way. This one is going to be another big one. :D

I talked to mom over the phone this morning. She is busy painting a two-handled hand saw with country scenes for a friend. She apologized for not having another letter ready to send but said she got mine and loves getting them. When I said I didn't want it to be a chore for her she said "Oh no no, it's not a chore at all" and she loves the letters. I told her all about the baby eagle cam this time. She told me of some whooping cranes that visit her pond and how beautiful they are. They are endangered and it amazes her that they are so few in number and yet a flock of them make rounds to visit her pond. She said a black crane has joined them a couple of times. Cro thinks the black one might be a heron.

I made myself do my biking at 1am because I couldn't sleep. It's so cool how easy it is to get to sleep after 35 minutes on the exercise bike. The map says I am passing an Air Force base. You would never know if from the road.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello flatlands.

Loki didn't get up to beg for a ride in my arms when I finished biking again this morning. When I came back into the room he peeked his head up from Cro's back, where he was snuggled in warm and cozy. Traitor cat! lol

Map overview. I'm on the way back to Indiana.

A look behind me. Goodbye hills of Tennessee. You were so pretty.

View from in front of me. Hello flatlands.
Today will be another marathon of work on the big website. It's looking pretty nice but there are so many things to edit code and try to make it format to my client's vision.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

biking is good for sleeping

I did my biking at 2am since I couldn't sleep anyway. I slept SO well after finishing 7.2 miles. Plus I didn't have to think about getting up early to bike since it was done.

I think I'm headed out of the interesting road cuts and hills and onto flatter land as I travel north to Indianapolis.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Road cuts!

Oh my, now THAT is a road cut. I love it. 712.6 miles so far since August. Loki didn't scurry to me when he heard the bike timer go off this morning. Lazy cat!!!

It suddenly feels like Friday though it is only Tuesday. I'm just full of happy. My former co-worker/current client is so fun to work with. I'm doing custom css edits to make a Wordpress theme do what it never imagined it could do.

Matt's client bailed for something cheaper. I was going to say less expensive but the number we gave the guy was in no way more expensive than it had to be and in lots of ways we even cut the price. Any less and I would be working for free. It's all good. More time to focus on my big project. A couple of small ones (well three today) needed some quick additions and updates but that is a normal day.

Okay, enough of work. I've started writing mom a letter each week as a fun New Year's Resolution thing. Talk more to mom! I only started a couple of weeks ago but she's already sent one letter in response and I just sent another one to her today. In order for us to not feel at a loss for what to write I'm including a topic for each one. Last week's topic was "What is your earliest memory?" It was so fun to read her's.

Mom says:
     Tracy, my childhood memories are a bit harder to recall. My ghost memories are a little different from the factual truth. But here goes. I remember your uncle *** putting his tongue on a steel icy bridge railing and his lick got stuck-froze. *** got a fair dose of enlightenment. He never did that again. Me! I was always a good little girl. Seeing my brothers and sisters do stupid acts gave me open-mindedness.
     My letter will be short as well. I need to get some work done too, but your work is important work. Thanks for the cauliflower recipe. Yum. I will make some. It looks appetizing enough for my Bunco party snack. I don't think anyone would disagree.

It was longer but that is enough to share. This week I talked about the eagle cam and watching the baby eagle grow. The topic is "nick-names".
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