Friday, August 29, 2014

AIP - day 19 of 30

I made beef stew with radishes, onion, celery and a few carrots. All AIP-friendly and if I avoid the carrots it is low-carb too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AIP - day 17 of 30

Seventeen days and I'm pretty used to drinking only water now (and actually crave water, so that's good). It has been fun being able to add a few things to my diet that I normally would avoid with low carb. I see myself soon going back to low carb while keeping a few of the things I've learned from AIP. I can still do AIP while avoiding the higher carb items like the one I made yesterday—yuca. Avoiding dairy for the most part also is a good idea for me. Coconut milk is making a great substitution but cheese and butter are still things I miss. Cheese was already on my "sometimes food" list and it will remain an infrequent visitor to my plate. Butter though… I'm not yet convinced. That will have to be one of the things I try to add back in and see how it goes. Peppers first though. :) 13 more days before my first add-in anyway.

Yuca is a big woody root that tastes lots like potato but is deadly (so I've read) if eaten before it has been cooked sufficiently to break down the cyanide. Yikes. After sufficient cooking it turns into a doughy consistency that can be stuffed with yummy things like mashed sweet potato, onion and bacon (I browned the remaining prosciutto). Here is the AIP recipe I followed and never mind that I cut into a finger while trying to remove the bark-like outer peel off my yuca. Why do I always get so light headed at the sight of blood? No I didn't get any on the yuca.

Here's a pic of my finished perogies. I made enough for a couple of meals.

Work is still busy but I finished one website and a few Flash banner ads this week. More banner ads and another website are in the pipeline.

Matt and I are going to see Sin City 2 later this week. Fun.

Cro surprised me with a fun little gadget to spiral cut veggies. I'll have to get some zucchini soon to try this on.

An article that I want to keep because it echoes much of what I think works for me. Jack Osbourne: High fat low-carb ketogenic Paleo diet helps multiple sclerosis

Thursday, August 21, 2014

AIP - day 11 of 30

Sweet Potato & Beet Hashbrowns
Cro helped turn the flank steak I had been marinating into a delicious unburnt meal. I was convinced by a few recipes and how-to articles that I was not-exactly-following that I should cook it unrolled on the stovetop on high heat for 3 minutes per side. He convinced me otherwise and agreed to cook it while I watched and learned. :) It was very good, not burnt and there are leftovers enough that I will be eating it for lunch or dinner again today.

My marinade was the juice from 1 lime, 2 tbsp of coconut amino, 3 cloves of minced garlic, half cup of olive oil and a few dashes of sea salt. I let it marinade overnight.

This morning I think I need to use the beets I bought last week. I might shred them with sweet potato and try to make it like this link using a small bit of coconut oil.

*update on the hashbrowns: They didn't hold together (but without anything to bind them that is no surprise. They were good though. I simply grated a sweet potato and a beet, heated some coconut oil and browned the grated mix for 3 minutes or so on each side. Sea salted it and that's that. This AIP thing wouldn't be so bad if I could add a few things that I miss such as spices, peppers, eggs, butter, cheese, almonds, and Mio water enhancer. I'm used drinking plain water now but miss being able to have a Splenda or stevia-sweetened option.

A new toy and a sunbeam. Kitty life is good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AIP - day 10 of 30

Today marks a third of the way through this autoimmune protocol experiment. I have learned so far that I should probably avoid certain things (like dairy and peanuts) that I thought were okay in my low carb way of eating. This is a tough plan to follow but nothing that I learn is waisted effort. I'm pretty sure one of the first things I will introduce after 30 days is chili peppers of some sort.

Yesterday I put together a marinade for the flank steak. I used all AIP legal ingredients of course and will probably try cooking it later today (it's been marinating all night though it only needed 3 hours).

I also found a recipe that I'm excited about for the spaghetti squash. I won't make it until I've eaten all of the flank steak but here is the recipe: Creamy Spaghetti Squash Chicken Casserole. Food can still be creamy without dairy thanks to coconut milk.

Loki got a new elevated food station last night thanks to Cro. He now sits in front of his food bowls to eat rather than standing with his head down. lol… I asked for a set of elevated food bowls because he tends to try covering his food when he's finished eating. I suppose that is instincts telling him to hide it so another predator won't help himself to Loki's leftovers. It often resulted in the food bowl being turned over or scooted across the room.

New toys! Does this camera angle make me head look fat?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

AIP - day 9 of 30

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of butternut squash soup with pancetta. Believe it or not, I've never before had pancetta. What did I think? Hmm, it didn't seem much different than thinly sliced bacon… I guess it's the same thing but cured differently? It overpowered the squash, was very salty, and seemed a bit frou-frou (unnecessarily fancy). I liked it but only bought it because I'm doing this AIP thing.

Cro bought Loki a selection of canned CORE that included venison. He likes venison even though it isn't a bird. Maybe it's because venison is deer meat. Reindeer are deer. Santa's reindeer can fly and so can most birds. So he likes to eat things that can fly! Maybe we should look for canned dragon next time too. Not Komodo dragons… the mythical kind with wings.

Enough silly talk. I have work to do. ;)

Alice in Chains are in town tonight. I'm not going to see the show but it's still cool that Indy is on their tour.

Monday, August 18, 2014

AIP - day 8 of 30

Cro helped me to make bone broth yesterday. I'm very excited to use it in a few AIP recipes.

Today I haven't even thought about what I'll make. It's a very busy day with multiple projects waiting for my attention.

Loki ran downstairs before I could stop him this morning. He disappeared so I went ahead with my recumbent bike while keeping an eye out for him. Thankfully he did appear and I was able to tote him back upstairs and to safety. Cro has ordered several of the "bird-flavored" cans of CORE. He refused to eat the fish flavors (whitefish, salmon, tuna) but likes turkey, chicken and duck flavors.

I made this! And it is good. :)

Simple butternut squash soup (made with bone broth).

Sunday, August 17, 2014

AIP - day 7 of 30

I don't know if it's the AIP, the boswellia or just a fluke but I felt super good with walking yesterday.

I had frozen banana, strawberry and blueberry "ice cream" this morning and tried fried plantain (in coconut oil) later today (meh, the plantain just tasted like banana). I have a recipe for making tortillas from plantain but I have to wonder what I would put in them since cheese is not allowed so that takes the fun out of making a taco. Peanut butter is not allowed so I couldn't use the tortilla to make a peanut butter sandwich. I'm sure I'd think of something allowed.

Tonight I'm thinking about making a sweet potato with sirloin steak.
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