Monday, June 2, 2008

Ready. Set. GO.


[1][400] 2 oz Macadamia nuts :: 4g carbs - 3g fiber
[0][80] pork rinds
[2][500] LC Thickburger with cheese and bacon :: 3g carbs - 1g fiber
[0][80] pork rinds
[1][0] Altoids (breath mint)
[1][8] pumpkin seeds
[0][150] slices of roasted turkey from Boston Market
[7][130] green bean casserole from Boston Market :: 9g carbs - 2g fiber
[5][40] fresh steamed veggies from Boston Market :: 8g carbs - 3g fiber (I didn't eat much of this though)

=====TOTAL :: 17g carbs & 1388cal=====

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  1. Oh, you are so sneaky to move all your posts here! I noticed on Friday that your old blog is gone.


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