Monday, July 21, 2008

30 pound gone

Well, first time since I started this WOE again I've not recorded my weekend of eating. Recording every little bite gets boring, but here is a recap:

Saturday I had spaghetti without the pasta (so basically I had ground beef in LC tomato sauce with shredded cheese on top. I also had a couple of plain kosher franks without bun that day, a couple of sugarfree jello cups with heavy cream, some sliced mushrooms and veggies in the form of onions. Sunday I had a sugarfree jello cup, half a small handful of popcorn at the movie theatre, and pork rinds with cream cheese that night. Each day totalled well under 20 carbs.

Matt and I saw Batman, the Dark Knight. Wow what a long movie. It was good mostly, but there were so many sub-plots that it seems to drag even though completely action-filled. We both agreed that it was very good, but could have been great if paired down to an hour and a half with a more focused plot.

And last but not least. I've reached 30 pound lost as of this morning! Woot!


  1. Ohhh, I just discovered Kosher Franks. A little salty (but I've been eating whole foods so I'm getting a little sensitive to sodium) but very very delicious and filling.

    I bought the Hebrew Nationals... DH asked if I'm converting to Judaism... hahahaha! I explained that they're made from the meaty parts of a cow and all beef. He decided he HAD to taste one. I think he liked it. But anyhow, I bought these huge weenies... 1/4 pound franks. Very very filling! :)

  2. Hebrew National is the brand I buy too. They are called franks, but the ones I get are basically hotdog size. I love them because I love hotdogs but thinking about what is IN hotdogs makes me sick. Hebrew National foods are something I trust not to have noses and bloodclots included (barf) ... I won't eat any other kind of hotdog now. :D


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