Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apartame!!!!! Grrrowl!!!!!


I drank half of a Sprite Zero this morning after giving up aspartame cold turkey several days ago. And now i have a HUGE headache. I didn't have a headache before I drank the Sprite Zero. It has to be the darn aspartame. GRRRR!!! Well, i'm pouring the rest of it down the sink and drinking water.

I decided not to bring any Splenda drinks today just in case Splenda was slowing my weight loss. I can't give up all carbonated beverages on top of changing my entire way of eating and giving up nearly all carbs. This just is not fair. I feel like frowning. I AM frowning. >:(

Okay, water today and cut the Splenda drinks down to half tomorrow and that will just have to be that. I guess slower weight loss is better than no weight loss and slower weight loss is better than going back to using aspartame.

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