Thursday, July 31, 2008

At noon today, I'm going to a baby shower with my co-workers. We'll be going to Bravo Cucina Italiana so I have another worry about what I'll be able to eat. Why don't more places cater to a broader (no pun intended) audience of dietary needs? Likely because of profits and the lack thereof in providing options for "specialty" WoEs. I dunno. Luckily LC is something we can learn to adapt just about any menu to (with occational request to the chef).

Today is my Friday. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow and Cro and I will be visiting my mom and dad. My dad isn't doing so well so say a prayer if you are inclined to send one for him. I love my dad and want him around for many more years. Sorry for the note of sadness.

[ 2g ] Atkins Daybreak bar
[ 0 ] grilled chicken without sauce and no glaze (special order from Bravo)
[ 1g ] asparagus from Bravo (yum)
[ 2g ] Atkins Daybreak bar
[ 3g ] Marinara
[ 0 ] ground sirloin
[ 8g ] spaghetti squash

=====TOTAL 16 carbs=====


  1. I was looking at the lunch menu for your Italian place and they have some decent options. There are some mozzarela and tomato dishes as well as some grilled chicken dishes/salads you could do there.

    Check it out before you go so you know what questions to ask. I would ask about sugar in the vinagrettes/lemon caper sauces.

  2. I did look at the menu before I went to the baby shower and asked the if chef could prepare grilled chicken without sauce, glaze or sugar of any kind for me. They were happy to oblige! :) And it was good. The toughest part of the shower was turning down a piece of cake! But I did ... and now I think I need to plan a trip to pick up a LC cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.


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