Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can I have some Inspiration with this Motivation

I am motivated to the extreme, but very uninspired and therefore feeling like a prisoner in this WOE. There is no way I'll quit, but I'm not enjoying it. I feel like the prisoner lashed to the wheel pushing and pushing and pushing around in a circle.

Someone please help inspire my motivation. It is a drag to be dragging when I've only been doing this for a month. Can someone point me to a place where the path of this wheel turns into a path in which progress is measured in more ways that just a deeper rut in the track I walk. (More than just a smaller number on the scale).

I haven't lost enough to feel the real joys of the weight loss yet. It's on the horizon, or should I say it's another several hundred revolutions of the wheel I walk.

Yes, I'm very low in spirit and yet somehow more determined than I knew was possible. I must be very tired of not being that cute me and living that sassy life that I used to live. I'm also very tired of the things I choose to eat.

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