Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I need to look up more recipes. I tend to fall into ruts with what to eat. Too many other things to worry about so I just grab what is a known element and safe and get out the door quickly. I didn't even have time to make a one-minute muffin this morning, even that was too much trouble. Truth be told it takes more than one minute to mix up the proper ingredients before nuking for one minute. Anyway, a boring lunch lies ahead. And a busy day!

[ 1g ] peanut butter! on a spoon straight from the jar. just how it's meant to be eaten. :9
[ 1g ] havarti cheese (I used to make a peanut butter sandwich using cheese rather than bread (even before I started low carb the first time). I should have done that this morning!!! But I was in a rush and didn't think about it until just now.
[ 5g ] cream cheese
[ 0 ] pork rinds
[ 0 ] sugarfree jello
[ 3g ] Marinara
[ 0 ] ground sirloin
[ 8g ] spaghetti squash (it doesn't taste like spaghetti, but it has it's own kind of yum and is good with spaghetti sauce)

=====TOTAL 18 carbs=====


  1. I am sure you have already been here, but just in case, have you gone to Linda Sue's recipe site?

    Check it out if you haven't. Lots of great recipes!

  2. No, I hadn't been to that recipe site, but I will now! Thank you. :) The cheesy chicken you just made looks delicious! (Hey, I'm in Indy too.)

  3. Glad I could help you out. We are over in Richmond and it has been quite the adjustment period for me. Coming up from Florida. =)

  4. You are going to love the snow (I'm being facetious) every southerner I know hates Indiana snow (including my husband). I've not been further south than Panama City, but what I've seen of Florida is nice (and hot!).


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