Sunday, July 27, 2008

I tried using a tablespoon of pumpkin in my flax seed muffin this morning rather than butter and it was so dry I couldn't finish it. I mean it was moist, but tasted "dry". Maybe also because I didn't whip up cream cheese and spenda for an icing ... anyway, more chats later.

I was very adventurous with dinner tonight. Cro seemed to like everything very much ... especially the garlic muffin. Yay for learning to cook some more things LC other than eggs!

[ 2 ] 1/2 flax seed muffin with pumkin
[ 6g ] cream cheese
[ 0 ] pork rinds
[ 6 ] pumpkin chili
[ 4 ] zucchini "fettuccini" (recipe thanks to Big Daddy D ... this guy can cook!)
[ 1g ] 1/2 garlic flax muffin
=====TOTAL 19 carbs=====

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