Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've discovered the technique for Wii Sports tennis power serve. :) Throw your arm (hang onto the controller of course) straight up in the air, then gently but quickly flick forward+down. I still can't do it every time, but I can do it enough to have Cro growling. He was able to return two of my power serves for the first time though, so I'd better find another technique before that one becomes useless to me! He's also figured out that my weakness is returning from the left ... so I've been practicing to become more comfortable from that left corner.

And all that has nothing to do with the WOE other than it's great exercise which is fun and needs no motivation to keep going other than wanting to win. Rematch!!!

I don't know if the Russel Stovers was a good thing or a bad thing. My weight is the very same today and I'm disappointed that it's the same.


  1. Hey I have had 3-4 pieces of that sugar free Russel Stovers over the last 3-4 days and my weightloss has stopped and gone up 2lbs! It is frustrating. There is an interesting article that talking about the malitol syrup causing a response. I am done with them. Bleck! I think maybe it doesn't affect some people, but it definitely does me. Nice work on all the dropped weight I hope mine speeds up!


  2. Nice, you are my first comment. Thank you and I agree that the Russel Stovers are probably a bad thing. I browsed around a bit before work this morning and found discussions of people having mixed reactions to sugar alcohol.

    The one thing that made me sad was a comment saying that if the sugar alcohol doesn't disturb your stomach it means that your body is reacting to it like it would to sugar.

    So ... stomach ache means your body tagged it "REMOVE ASAP". No stomach ache means your body tagged it "SUGAR". My body must think it's sugar. Booo

    Good luck with your weight loss too! I'll check out your blog later. :)


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