Thursday, July 24, 2008

More carbs than normal yesterday, but still pretty darn low ... I try to keep below 20g a day, but a little flexibility is good too. I think Cro appreciated having something a little more "normal" last night.

I must say that my motivation is still uber freaky strong (knock on wood!). I don't eat snacks between meals. I don't eat anything after dinner. My portion control is near robotic. DING fries are done! (most of you won't get that reference so youtube it :D) and I mean DING dinner's over! And my mind automatically goes into 'not thinking about food' mode. Until the next meal or researching LC recipes (which I love to do) and new things to cook.

[ 0 ] bacon
[ 0 ] tuna
[ .5g ] cheddar cheese
[ 2g ] LC breakfast bar
[ 10g ] ground beef, veggy casserole with small amount of bisquick crust

=====TOTAL 12.5 carbs=====

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