Monday, July 28, 2008

The Psychology of Snacks

I learned something about human nature today. Or about myself anyway.

I've been finding myself so good and not even in need of a snack in that long interim betwixt lunch and dinner. I would pack some snacks with me just in case. A stick of cheese or a sugarfree jello. And though I might have one of those items with my lunch, I did not even find my thoughts drifting there after lunch was over. The snack was available. No, I didn't need it.

Today the snack is NOT available and I can't stop thinking about it. I brought left-over pumpkin chili for lunch and knowing how well I was treating myself I didn't even think about packing a snack. And since the snack is not available I now think about it. I guess the fun of bringing a snack is having the will-power to not actually need the snack. Today is like a tight-rope walk without the net. No, I'm not going to fall off the WOE but I sure wish I'd brought a snack to not need.


  1. I'm going through something similar. At the end of the day when I've eaten all my calories, I can't help but sit here and think of all the wonderful things I still want. I'm not hungry, by any means. I just.want.more.

    Odd. :)

  2. once i got home i was fine :) it's just knowing that I COULD have something that helps me be motivated to NOT have something. we are both odd. lol


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