Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Since no one is answering

I'll answer myself.

Buck up girl!

You know you have to do this, no matter how dreary it may seem at the beginning. The sun promises to come out with every turn of that wheel. You are a long-time gamer. You know what it means to grind rep. You know that the reward inches closer with every inch lost. So believe it. You are making progress and it will start to feel like it soon. Hell, it already feels like it.

The coincidental cold-turkey drop of your years-long consumption of aspartame is responsible for that little extra bit of gloom you are feeling. Feel good about what you've done, aspartame was potentially clouding your mind and it is well worth dropping that poison from your routine. I'm proud of you (me) for these sudden determinations and sudden changes you are (I am) making. It will pay off. Keep grinding that rep.

Now, another means of adding inspiration. Find some variety in what you eat. Adding one recipe a week will lead to a little excitement and something to look forward too. You've tried several recipes that you've found on another blog, experimented and found them worthy. Good. You haven't purchased any pre-package low carb foods or mixes yet ... I suppose that is because you don't want to find a crutch in anything fake ... but do some research. Perhaps if you don't want anything fake there is a way to use a known-to-you food in a different manner. Think of the cauliflower pizza crust. There are more things to be found.

Lastly, you have doubt about Splenda and whether it might be making things go more slowly for you. Find something that you can drink, even if it's just water, and try a week without aspartame and without Splenda as well. Just try two days if a week seems too daunting. See how you feel after those two days. Make sure you have some more exciting low-carb meals planned for those two days without sweeteners so that you don't throw yourself into an even bigger funk.

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