Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The vampires are packing it up because I created a garlic bomb out of my flax muffin this morning. And, i'm so food-depraved that I actually ate half of it before deeming it unfit for further consumption. Ah well, i'm used to failed experiments with cooking. Octy's tip ... be sure the shaker lid is on tight enough that it doesn't come off and release 10 times more spice than intended.

On the bright side. I brought 2 cheese sticks and a sugarfree jello along with my lunch of packaged tuna. I'm set for the day.

[ 1g ] flaxseed garlic bomb muffin (ew)
[ 0 ] bacon
[ 1g ] 2 cheese sticks
[ 0 ] sugarfree jello
[ 8g ] half chicken (all white meat) from Boston Market
[ 7g ] green bean casserole from Boston Market

=====TOTAL 17 carbs=====

1 comment:

  1. too bad it was a bomb b/c I LOVE garlic. NOM NOM NOM!

    Glad you remembered your snackies! :)


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