Thursday, August 21, 2008

40 Pounds Gone


And the funny thing is that I ate at Brugge Brasserie last night with 9 other happy co-workers to celebrate work stuff. :)

I'd never eaten at Brugge Brasserie, and though it promised to be fabulous food (and it was) it didn't seem to be very LC-friendly. So, I sampled a few frites (5 to be exact) and dipped them lightly in the hot curry sauce (omg yum). Pomme frites are the Belgian version of french fries. They brought a huge cone of pomme frites with 11 different dipping sauces for the table to share before the meal even started. Several people where sampling beer (not me). One of the glasses of beer was called "the triple" and had a limit of 2 glasses per person because it was so strong. It was rather funny to see people I work with get a buzz on. :)

For the meal I had Carbonnade Flamande (Belgian beef and onion stew). Once again, omg good!

I'm sure this meal was over 20 carbs, but I think I did very well in that situation. Everything came with either frites, crepes, or bread. I avoided the bread and crepes and only sampled the frites because they were so raved about. I have no regrets with my choices. They did have salads, but again, I'm very happy with what I chose to eat.

And I've lost 2 pounds as of this morning. Cro seems to think that I eat too little and put myself into starvation mode (which just means the body clings on to what it has in expectation of hard times ahead). So by eating a normal meal that wasn't a crazy meal he thinks it was like throwing a piece of wood on smoldering coals. Burn baby!

I'm definitely not going to start eating normal again, starvation mode or no ... but it's fun to have a "normal" meal and not be punished for it now and then.


  1. Congrats on the big 4 0. I think sometimes a small cheat like that changes your body up enough that it triggers a plateau shift. Not sure about being in starvation mode, but I do think that sometimes the body adapts to the diet so you have to shake things up to start the losses again. Congrats!

  2. Thank you for the congrats/ :) I meant starvation mode like this ... not real starvation, which I'm in no fear of in any form. I'm happy that my body tends to use small shake-ups in a positive manner rather than setting me further back. I'm frustrated enough with slow progress! Hmm, the article makes a good point, if I try to build my muscle mass a bit, i'll lose faster. Maybe I should dust off the bowflex.


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