Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gen Con

[ 6g ] peanut butter
no lunch
[14g ] 3 kosher hotdogs, 1/2 LC tortilla, cheese, diced onion bits

=====TOTAL 20 carbs=====

Gen Con was a blast. Seeing my cousin was a super blast. (The photo is of me and my cuz.)

Awesome day and damn my feet are tired. There were soooo many board games. War board games, fantasy board games, HP Lovecraft board games, children's board game, cute board games, funky board games, beautiful board games, just plain weird board games. Just everything you could think of and more there was a board game for it. We didn't play any games while I was there, but Loren gave us the
grand tour of the convention center and most of the things going on.

There was so much to look at. There was an artists' exhibit for people who painted and sculpted game art. There were also tables and tables of weapons that were fun to look at and interested Cro. There was also a table of wood carvings. Dragons and wolves and elk and horses and all sorts of creatures. Very beautiful. There were miniature game pieces molded to paint and use in playing board games. Different pieces for every game that needed game pieces. And, to my extra excitement ... there were also a few computer games, but that was a small area of the show. Most of it was board games and card games and table after table set up for thousands of people to gather and play each other.

I feel like I've been walking for miles. Ooh tired. But fun!

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