Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The day got better and worse. :) Better because a fav cousin that I haven't seen for 10 years contacted me through facebook. We are going to see each other this weekend at Gen Con. I've never been to a Gen Con, which is odd since I'm an avid gamer and so is Cro. We are both excited to go and I'm excited about seeing my cuz! :)

Bad because I realized my vehicle registration needs to be renewed. Minor inconvenience.

Good because I finished a project and had a good meeting about another project that I need to finish by EoD Thursday.

Bad because I need to move my vacation back to Friday so I can finish the new project by Thursday.

Good because, just because.

[ 4g ] cheese and peanut butter
[ 4g ] chicken fried in almond flour
[ 12g ] veggy beef soup

=====TOTAL 20 carbs=====

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