Friday, August 1, 2008

Day off work and loads to do! :)

First I got up at normal time (6:30am) and got ready for (no)work. Played around on the web until Cro was ready for work, saw him off and then grabbed my Jeep keys. GoGoGo yay. I wanted to find a Wii for mom and dad since I will be seeing them tomorrow and I'm always telling mom how much I love that thing. Cro suggested that I try Costco and Sams Club first, but that he knew GameSpot had them in stock if I couldn't find one cheaper. So first I call to see if I can get my hair appointment moved up, I could ... 10am ... then I go to Costco (it's now 8am). Costco does not open that early. BOO >.< So I go to Sams Club and was impatiently told that they don't have Wii consoles and when they do, they don't put them on the floor (what, is a Wii the new gold bar currency in this country?). So after getting the treatment of "You think you can just walk right in and get a Wii? HaHaHahaha..." I left.

Whatever. :P

Now it's 8:30 and I'm sure GameSpot wont be open, but I cruise past anyway just to see all the burglar bars are still out and the place is definitely closed. But, Trader Joe's is right next door so I figure I'll go see if they have almond flour since ordering it online is expensive. Trader Joe's doesn't open at 8:30 either! So I call and chat with mom for an hour. Dad is doing better (YAY). By the time we are finished chatting it's 9:30ish and Trader Joe's has been open for a bit.

At Trader Joe's I find almond flour (I'm sooo happy and excited to try backing something LC with it) and I pick up a few other things for Cro and to make for the mom and dad visit (can you believe not everyone does low carb!!!)

I notice the burglar bars are now down from the GameSpot windows so I walk over there to find the door is locked. There is a clerk at the desk so I pantomime "10 o-clock?". He nods so I nod and leave for my hair appointment.

Hair done, I go back to GameSpot, they don't have a Wii but the Gamespot a few blocks up the road has 49. He reserved the 49th for me (because after all of that I was afraid they would all sell before I could drive the 10 blocks.

And long story short, I have a new Wii for mom and dad, I have two bags of almond flour, I have a new do, and I think I might look up recipes and see what yummy thing I can make for the mom and dad visit.


[ 1g ] 1/2 Akins bar (this one was yucky chocolate peanut butter with an odd taste)
[ 1g ] swiss cheese
[ 3g ] LC peanut butter (yum, very tasty that brand ... I'll look it up and add what brand later)
[ ? not much ] Spiced Indian Meatballs (recipe at The Meticulous Gourmet)

=====TOTAL _ carbs=====


  1. We went through the same thing for our Wii! Now we can't get a Wii Fit!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying your day off. I'm always sooo frustrated when stores aren't open at 8:00. Who do they think they are? I've got shopping to do!

    I want a Wii but I'm afraid I won't have time to play it and it'll sit around and collect dust. Not cool for how much it costs.

    I've decided to spent my government money on a fountain. It'll be at renaissane festival this fall. Well, I hope it'll be there. :)


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