Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday. Sweet. :)

I surprised myself last night by going into the kitchen and starting to cook something without having a clear idea of what it was going to be. See my previous post near bottom (in my daily carb counting area) for what I created. It was actually pretty good. Who knows what the carb count turned out to be, but I'm sure you can add it up as you go if you want to try it. It was low carb and I counted what I had as 8, but that was a guess (I try to guess high).

"So You Think You Can Dance" finale turned out just as I predicted. Tuesdays will feel a bit empty without the dancers now. I guess I could go rent the "Step Up" movies, but I've always thought those look stupid. :P Last night's winner gets a major role in the next "Step Up" movie, so I suppose I'll at least have to watch that one.

Yay weekend, you are oh so near.

[ 0g ] bacon
[ 8g ] cabbage and sirloin mashup
[ ]

=====TOTAL _ carbs=====

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