Monday, August 4, 2008

I dreamt of cake. It was an Easter celebration at work and a lovely yellow-icing sheet cake was trying to tempt me. I couldn't get that cake out of my head and knew I was going to have a piece when no one was looking.


I was awake with no cake, and very very relieved. Fast-forward. I'm at work, not even thinking about cake and


a cake arrives for someone's birthday. >_< I'm not tempted, just annoyed that there seems to be cake everywhere I turn.

[ 2g ] Atkins breakfast bar (NO CAKE!!!)
[ 2g ] garlic almond meal muffin
[ 2g ] Atkins bar (NO CAKE!!!)
[ 2g } macadamia nuts
[ 4g ] quarter chicken (all white meat) from Boston Market
[ 7g ] green bean casserole from Boston Market (NO CAKE!!!)

=====TOTAL 19 carbs=====

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