Friday, August 29, 2008

I suppose it's time I work out a few milestones for my weight loss. At first, the goal was to get started and get through the first two weeks. I amazed myself with how I started. I've been wanting to go back to low carb for over 5 years.

This time I'm doing it without aid of ephedra (ephedra is very dangerous!!!) or, for that matter, anything other than the food I eat. So I'm sure that's why I feel things are going so slow. My weight came off very fast the first time I did low carb. I lost 80 pounds in 5 months and I kept it off for 5 years.

Then, I made the stupid decision to change from low carb to Weight Watchers to maintain my weight. The moment I stopped counting carbs, I was doomed to gain all the weight back (plus more). It sucked to be me. :)

As of June 1 this year I determined I was going to go back to low carb.

And I did.

Back to goals:
So I've lost 43 pounds so far and am back on track with an LC lifestyle. It's going slower than before, but it's coming off steadily. I'm too fearful of diet supplements now to even think of going there. Guess it's all up to me.

So I've achieved my first two goals:
- Get started
- Make it through the first two weeks

And I've achieved things that weren't goals but are great:
- Don't have to drive with my seat back on the farthest setting
- Belly doesn't touch table when sitting at a restaurant booth
- People tell me how cute I am again
- I feel more confident again and not like a blob
- The outgoing side of my personality is starting to show

Next goals are:
- Ride horses with my mom again
- Wear the "Lucky Brand" jeans that I bought and never got into the first time I did LC
- Reach 135 pounds (high school weight)
- Go swimming in the ocean again!
- Ride piggyback on Cro
- Never gain it back!!!

[ 0 ] bacon
[ .5g ] cheese
[ 7g ] LC ice cream
[ 3g ] LC peanut butter
[ 6g ] spicy indian meatballs

=====TOTAL 16.5 carbs=====


  1. I want to get in shape to feel better about my self. well, Weight Watchers is world's no. 1 place for weight loss packages and plans.

  2. Thanks for your comment Virginia. I don't blame Weight Watchers plan for my regaining, I blame the fact that I changed direction and lost momentum in the process of trying to start something new. It seems the first couple of weeks of a way of eating will either make it or break it for me (meaning will-power). I'm on the downhill ride now with low carb. I'm definitely not going to do anything to break that momentum now that it's going well again.


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