Thursday, August 14, 2008

Perhaps vacation tomorrow, perhaps not. I was supposed to be off work today. I'm not. Supposed to be off Monday and Tuesday, don't think it's going to happen. Oh well, I'm needed and like rollover minutes, my vacation days are not going to expire. At least not yet. Ok, they are not like rollover minutes, they are like slices of beef jerky left out on the table. They'll last for awhile ... but not indefinitely. :P

Anyway, if I manage to get my day off tomorrow, Cro and I are going to Gen Con. Exciting. I've never been to one but I've heard tales of it being like a super-geekfest version of Halloween. Darth Vaders and the like walking around in full costume ... I won't be going in costume :P I'm excited to see the Blizzard booth and perhaps a peek at Diablo III. There is supposed to be a Wii tournament as well. Fun.

[ 0 ] bacon
[ 12g ] veggy beef soup
[ 7g ] omg so good zucchini pancakes (Cro cooked for us and I had about a fourth of the batch)
[ 3g ] porkchops with pineapple glaze (Cro made it!)

=====TOTAL 22 carbs=====

In whole batch of zucchini pancakes:
2 cups of grated zucchini (10g carbs)
4 TBSP bisquik (13.5 carbs)
2 eggs (2ish carbs)
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese (2 carbs)
- mix together and fry like pancakes
- yum

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