Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After watching one of the Randy Pausch lectures (Really Achieve Your Childhood Dreams), aka The Last Lecture, I wanted to make my own list of dreams from childhood.

Here's my list:
  • Become a pilot
  • Have a career as an artist
  • Raise an appaloosa colt to ride
  • Sing in a band
  • Have a great tan
  • Publish something I've written
  • Be slim and beautiful
Becoming a pilot was my first career dream, which I gave up at an early age when I had to get glasses and was told that pilots must have 20/20 vision. (Not true BTW. You only need to have vision that is correctable to 20/20. I didn't know that so I gave up the dream and did something else with my life.)

On giving up that dream I set my sights on becoming a successful artist, and I suppose I've achieved that one in some respect. I'm an art director for an advertising agency and have been working in a creative field for about 15 years.

The closest I've come to singing in a band was publishing a few of my own amature voice recordings in my last blog. I'll try to find a couple of those and post here. They definitely are not professional recording nor involve a band. I did learn to play guitar, somewhat, and have accompanied myself with the instrument.

I've never owned an appaloosa colt. I did raise an albino colt and he was my pride and joy for several years of childhood and my teens.

I've had a great tan in the past and have been slim and what I feel now was beautiful. As a child and as a teen I was never satisfied with my looks. I think that one is all perspective. Regarding being slim ... I am working on it again. Once I am there I do believe I will work on a tan again.

I have had poetry published in state competitions, and have had short stories published in webzines in the past ... but nothing more than that. Yet. :) I started my own short fiction and poetry webzine several years ago, called for entries, judged, and published the work of other writers online. That was a blast and very rewarding.

[ 12g ] toasted cheese on LC bread
[ 6g ] stuffed chicken with onions, mushrooms and peppers
[ 2g ] beef and onions
[ 2g ] LC ice cream

=====TOTAL 22 carbs=====

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