Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And another one bites the dust (another pound lost that is). Two more until the 50 pounds lost mark. I wonder how long those two will take. Whatever I guess I'm sure I'll be wrong ... weight loss is so fickle.

Cro made a wonderful roast with onions for dinner last night, so as predicted I wasn't able to abstain from eating after 3pm. That only works on the weekends. I did bring another can of tuna for lunch and 1/2 a low carb peanut butter sandwich. They aren't a perfect flavor match, but I don't eat them at the same time.

The blog world has been mighty quiet lately. I just want to thank everyone on my blog list for keeping it going ... I voraciously read new posts when I see that someone on my list has updated. You all are my inspiration and I love being there with you (on the other side of the page) during your ups and downs. Your blogs make me feel like I'm not alone out here.

[ 6g ] 1/2 LC peanut butter and LC bread sandwich
[ 0 ] tuna
[ 6g ] the other 1/2 LC peanut butter and LC bread sandwich
not yet but here is what's planned:
[ 3g ] beef and onion roast
[ 4g ] LC ice cream

=====TOTAL 19 carbs=====


  1. Hi and welcome to our MS blogging community!

    My name is Anne (http://disablednotdead-anne.blogspot.com) and I will be back later to go through your blog from the beginning to get to know you better.

    In the meantime, there are over 120 MSers blogging on our lists, so stop on over, and check us out.

    BRAIN CHEESE has the most comprehensive list (over 128 now) and you can get your daily reading in by using her list. I have a partial list on my blog as do many other MSers.

    Again welcome,

  2. Thanks Anne. I use this more as a diet blog than an MS blog, but when an MS issue is affecting me I certainly blog about that right here too. I'm hopeful that this low-carb diet will have great benefit for my MS as well as improving my fitness and everything else. That will be something to discover as I go too! I've been mostly lucky so far in that I'm not disabled and that IV solumed works quickly to diminish flair-ups. I have a residual loss of balance and I limp when I walk too far, but overall I know I've been lucky.


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