Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey Dwayne :) Your blog is featured in Jimmy Moore's LC blog list today.

And back to our sponsor (me!).
It's Wednesday, aka hump day. Tons of billable creative to create today. Speaking of creative, Cro is thinking about displaying some of his wood turnings and metal work on (I think that is the name of the site). He's excited about it and he should be! He has been wanting to make a little side-business from his hobby for a long long time.

I've talked to the MS doc about having another IV solumed treatment. (Yeah, I have multiple sclerosis and no, it doesn't bother me very much). Lately I've been a little more wobbly (as in lack of balance) than usual, which could be just the horrible end-of-summer heat. It is more likely the MS flairing up since my vision is blurring a bit when I get too hot and it isn't supposed to do that. Three days of steroids will knock it back to normal so I'm being proactive and getting that scheduled. The steroids have the unwanted side-effect of also knocking hunger into HIGH gear. I will have to be extra careful with what I eat and try to eat very very little for the next week or so if I don't want to gain 10 pounds. And I don't!!!

[ 2 ] Atkins breakfast bar
[ 0 ] tuna! (with an IV solumed cocktail, eww metallic tasting)
[ 3 ] three Kosher beef franks
[ 2 ] cheese
[ 3 ] onions

=====TOTAL 10 carbs=====


  1. Figures right as I change my diet up I would get featured on his page! DOH!

  2. haha, I know! but maybe his post will bring you some more fans and bloggy-support (which we all can use, no matter what diet we follow).


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