Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I got to work today over a half an hour before everyone else, as usual. I usually spend that half hour of pre-work quietness organizing my thoughts and preparing for what has to be done in the day. I don't normally open my work email until 8am ... I wish I had opened it right away. Aaargh. Tons of changes to some banner ads that were being presented to the client at 9:30am. Good grief. I got the changes made and new files to the appropriate people before the meeting, but it was close.

At the moment of crisis I got an email regarding another project and the need to go over copy and answer questions asap. So we did that and then here comes a ticket for a third project. That one didn't require design, but I did have to meet with the PM to determine so.

It's now 10:30am and I'm breathing easy again ... and it feels like I'm just starting my real day. :)

[ 4g ] LC ice cream
[ 1g ] lowcarb thickburger: plain with cheese and bacon
[ 6g ] parm-crusted stuffed chicken breast with caramelized onions and peppers
[ 4g ] LC ice cream

=====TOTAL 15 carbs=====

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