Monday, September 8, 2008

I lost another pound as of this morning. Three more to go to reach that 50 pound loss milestone. I guess the fear of gaining from the steroid treatment has been good motivation to eat even less. I also did what my mom told me worked for her in the past, and not eaten anything after 3pm.

Considering that I had a toasted cheese sandwich with REAL BREAD yesterday for lunch, I was extra happy to see that pound loss this morning. I was very happy to find the 5 carb per slice bread at the dreaded Wal-Mart trip. Now I can actually have a sandwich now and then and not mess up the low carb life.

I was also surprised at how amazingly good the HOOD Calorie Countdown chocolate milk tasted. I had a cup as breakfast and omg it was good. I made Cro try it though he was reluctant and he pronounced it tasty. He couldn't figure out why they would mix fat free milk with heavy cream to make it, but I didn't consider questions too long, I just read the label which says 5 carbs - 1 fiber per cup.

[ 4g ] 1 cup chocolate milk (HOOD)
[ 0 ] tuna
[ 7g ] half peanut butter sandwich (LC bread, LC peanut butter)
[ 6g ] beef and onions (yum, Cro is a great cook)
[ 4g ] LC ice cream

=====TOTAL 21 carbs=====


  1. Wow! Almost 50 lbs. lost to date! That's and incredible rate. Good job.

  2. Thank you Brandon. You are doing great too, 20 pounds lost so far? And darn ... Bears beating the Colts, what happened there? :)


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