Thursday, September 4, 2008

I weighed last night before bed out of curiosity. I wanted to see if the plan of eating a max of 10 carbs and eating a small amount of food would help with the WoE during these IV solumed steroid treatments for my MS. I also was just wanting to see what damage the steroids were doing to my weight loss.

Well, before bed weigh-in showed that I had gained 3 pounds for the first day of steroids. Ick. Sweet dreams, eh.

Good news is that when I weighed at my normal time the next morning, those 3 pounds were gone again. Woot! It must have just been fluid retention from the steroids and not real weight gain. I'm so happy. :) Two more days of steroids to go and then hopefully I'm home free since the fluids seem to leave in a day's time. I only have to have this done about once a year. It's good to know that I can treat my MS and keep losing weight too. :)

[ 2 ] Kosher beef franks
[ 1 ] cheese
[ 1 ] diced onion
[ 0 ] tuna
noon IV solumed treatment (blah, canceled because they couldn't find a vein)
[ 0 ] steak
[ 6 ] onions

=====TOTAL 10 carbs=====

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