Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last night I wanted something more to eat, but denied myself in favor of a potential loss this morning. This morning I've lost another 2 pounds. It's nice when it works out like that. :)

I wanted to see if Wal-Mart has any low carb bake mixes but didn't end up going yesterday. Cro said he will go with me this morning. I love shopping when Cro is with me. I don't care for shopping at Wal-Mart but with him there it will feel like a treat. After Wal-Mart perhaps we'll go to the grocery (Marsh) and check out the meat selection. Cro has been trying to find us a good looking roast for about a week, but since the holiday and Gustav, meats have been picked over and sad looking at our local grocery, which is odd because we live in Indiana. But, in Indiana we sure love cooking out, so maybe that is where all the good looking meat went!

[ 6g ] 3-minute chocolate muffin
[ 12g ] toasted cheese sandwich (Wal-Mart had the 5 carb bread I've been wanting. They also had Hood Calorie Countdown in Chocolate and White and had CarbSmart ice cream in rocky road flavor. They didn't have Carbquick, but I am happy to have found what I did.)

[ 8g ] Rocky Road CarbSmart ice cream

=====TOTAL 26 carbs=====

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