Monday, September 15, 2008

One pound! One pound! My kingdom for one pound!

Or I should say one pound banished from the kingdom because I don't want one pound added, I want one gone and I'm tired of waiting. I suppose I should just cool it and not think about it because if I lose that one pound now it will be early and throw off my trend of hitting another 10-pound milestone sometime around the 21st. I don't care! I want it gone now! *hissy fit*

Now that that's out of my system. (Sort of out of my system).

Cro suggested that I stop weighing every morning. He suggested once a week. Sorry honey, I am the super anxious micro-management type and I can't help it, I have to weigh every morning.

[ 4g ] LC choc ice cream
not yet but this is planned:
[ 10 ] butter on LC bread
[ 3g ] small portion of leftover carbonnade flamande
[ 0 ] ham
[ 0 ] bacon

=====TOTAL 17 carbs=====

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