Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is becoming more my MS blog than my LC blog. Sorry about that.

I didn't get the IV solumed treatment today because they couldn't find a vein. After calling my doctor and talking to the receptionist, I learned I have two options ... I can either get it done at the emergency room and pay emergency room prices (um, no thanks) or I can call my old doctor who still does business with the hospital here in town and ask if she will give me a prescription to have it done there (also no thanks). I love my current doctor and even though she no longer uses the infusion place that i prefer, I don't want to use that other doctor. SO, I asked if it would be ok to cancel the last two treatments and if things don't clear up in a few weeks I'll call back and perhaps she can schedule me again. That was agreeable so that's the plan. Hopefully the single treatment will do the trick since I wasn't feeling too bad anyway. Hope hope.

In the meantime, my arms feel like pin cushions. Owy x6 attempts to get a vein.

And back to low carb ... at least I don't have to worry about steroid weight gain now! Yay!!!

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  1. You inspire me already!! You are a strong and courageous woman. To live with MS is challenging, but I look up to you for dealing with it so well and talking about it.

    I have several friends who do the ride for the MS150 here in Texas. This is a cause dear to us. I am very passionate about several causes including Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer and a cause for MD multiple dystrophy.

    I also wanted to share this site I found. It is a MS Community Site wher patients share their treatments and outcomes not just to help themselves, but to help others. I hope this is helpful to you.

    Here is the link:

    Many blessings,

    -Nina :)


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