Monday, September 1, 2008

What a great long weekend! Cro and I visited my mom and dad Saturday and celebrated dad's birthday. I even brought a cake and though I had to cut it and serve it to everyone, I didn't have any what-so-ever. It was a great visit. Cro made dad a walnut coffee thermos on the lathe and I brought him some books (dad reads voraciously). One of the books I included was "The Road" since I had found it a very compelling read. Dad stayed up all night and read the entire book. It was fun to discuss the story with him. I also gave dad a Slendertone Flex belt, which he has been wanting for a long while to see if it will strengthen his muscles. (Dad and mom are not fat at all.) Mom and I played Wii, and some cards. The visit went fast, but they always do.

I didn't record carbs, but I've lost another pound as of today. It's nice to know what I can have and how much without having to count once in awhile. That just comes with time.

For the birthday meal I brought Spicy Indian Meatballs (mom and dad love that dish).
Cro brought his famous cheese biscuits (mom and dad love them, but I can't eat that).
Mom made roast beef (yum), steamed carrots (I had a little), broccoli puff (not for me), fried green tomatoes (not for me), and baked potatoes (not for me).

Sunday I had LC peanut butter, LC ice cream, steak, green beans, and grilled onion (small amount).

Labor Day
[ 0 ] sugarfree jello
[ 3 ] 1/2 LC tortilla
[ 1.5 ] cheese
[ 0 ] bacon
[ 8g ] LC ice cream
[ 1g ] baker's chocolate (eww)
[ 3g ] splenda (yum)

=====TOTAL 16.5 carbs=====

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