Monday, October 6, 2008

Another life reflection post. Here are the jobs that I've held throughout my lifetime, in order:

- Kill flies which were unfortunate enough to be trapped inside the screened-in porch of our house (10 cents per fly paid by the mom corporation)

- clean room and be a good kid (20 dollars a week residual paid by the mom and dad corporation)

- babysit neighbor kids (various neighbors, various pay)

- clean houses for neighbors (various houses, various pay)

- yard work and pool cleaning for neighbors

- commissioned portrait and business building drawings for various people (teachers and businesses) during high school

- be parked at a remote location and record number at planned intervals for a survey company I don't remember what they were surveying. This was actually my first "real" job. I read a lot of books that summer

- gallery assistant (which included painting pedestals, hanging art, cleanup after a show) for my drawing instructor at VU - workstudy

- maintenance for an elementary school summer job (maintenance included everything from scraping boogers off the bottoms of desks to helping resurface the basketball court

- grocery store bagger (during college)

- grocery store cashier (during college for same grocery store)

- grocery store event display designer (I designed and painted circus wagons, cowboys and indians onto cardboard to use as endcaps for each aisle. I ... well the store ... actually won a state grocery story display contest for these.)

- Wal-mart jewelry counter sales and inventory.

- pre-press for a web press (that means newsprint paper, not internet)

- digital pre-press and design for an offset printing establishment

- web designer (this time it means internet)

- creative lead (print and website design for a start-up company)

- art director (print and website design for a mid-size advertising agency)

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