Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does anyone know if the date on posts can be edited? Cro is interested to know if a blog he reads fakes their posting time/day ... which would be very sneaky and rotten! Especially since the blog he is referring to posts world events and then claims to have predicted things before they happened. Such as predicting that Wachovia is going under, and then it does.


  1. I have not found a way to alter the dates on my posts on blogspot. Which sucks b/c I'd like to write some posts to fall "before" the day I write them... like on my critter blogs and the "info" stuff for my blueberry muffin diet blog.

    Which, since I'm claiming to be the home of the Blueberry Muffin Diet I really need to get all that stuff written up... :D

  2. I just discovered that you can change the date. I knew you could change the time. Click on post options at the bottom of your edit post page and you can type in whatever date and time you want.


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