Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am too damn fat.

*But I'm working on fixing it.


  1. I am still too damn fat too, and working on it. I'm there with ya Girl!

    We all have our days. Stalls happen, just keep doing what you're doing and those lbs will melt away.

  2. You yourself are making great progress. Thank you for popping in and leaving a bit of support. My moods want to take the wheel at times but I mostly keep them to myself when they are negative. But ... the journal just seems like a safe place to let the moods run free for a little bit once in a while, but not too much (down moods) because no one wants to read Eeyore's journal!

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts! Knowing other people are battling this same thing makes me feel like I'm in good company rather than alone.


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