Friday, October 10, 2008

*I get car-sick. Motion sickness. Barf after being a passenger for an extended trip. Yeah, eww.*

My creative director asked if any of us would like to go downtown (a 30-minute trip) to see the new office build-out. Four of us rode together and even though I'd taken 6 motion-sickness pills, I was feeling queasy before we got there. It was okay though, we had a great look-around and then decided to stop in and have lunch at Arby's. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Martha's Vineyard salad comes with a little pack of slivered almonds. Yay! That's what I had, avoiding the apple pieces and no dressing (I don't care for dressing anyway). Low carb lunch and I didn't look odd for having to order special. I like it. :)

But, on the trip back, motion-sickness got the best of me. Thank goodness I was able to make it all the way back before I had to barf ... so I barfed my salad in the parking lot. It was fairly non-embarrassing since the guys had the good sense to leave me be for a moment. Ha ha.

I had a LC breakfast bar when I got back into the office to make up for the lunch I lost. All better now. :D

And, after that small bit of trauma, my tremor (hand shakiness) is acting up like my 86 year old aunt Sukie's used to. That's just my multiple sclerosis for those of you curious and not reading this blog for the MS stories. It rather amused me that a few hours of car-sickness and barfing would make the tremor act up. It mostly goes away when I cool off. :)

Anyway, I thought after I lost my lunch that darn, if I'd known that was going to happen I might have ordered some breaded cheese sticks to go with my salad.


  1. I tell people I am a control freak that has to drive, but the truth is I get car sick really easy. Those pills don't do anything for me.

  2. Boo, now I'm going to have the fact that the pills don't do anything in my head ... and I find it's a very mind-over-matter thing to keep from barfing when car-sick. I think I'll use your solution and just always drive separately ... I love driving my Jeep better than riding with someone else anyway!


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