Monday, October 13, 2008

I had lunch with Matt at O'Charley's. It was very fun and full of chattiness.Our waiter was new and not very attentive, so my grilled chicken with cheese and bacon was delivered as grilled chicken with shredded cheese and bacon bits. Ah well, it was still good. Matt ordered Loaded Potato soup. He wasn't given a spoon and so we had a good laugh as he tried to eat it with his fork. The sad thing about O'Charley's is that I used to LOVE their rolls. Smelling the yummy hot and buttery roll aroma was nearly as good as eating one ... right? :)

It's nice to be able to abstain from eating things like that, but oh my I'm not looking forward to my upcoming birthday and the temptation of birthday cake.

Back on the track of good thoughts. I hope I make my quota for pounds lost this month. I've been averaging about 10 pounds lost per month, but have only lost 5 this month so far. Still a couple of weeks to go. I'm shamed by how much the people on "The Biggest Loser" were able to lose in 3 months. Some of them lost over 40 pounds a month. Crazy!


  1. You are so chipper today!!! It's so funny that your friend had to eat his soup w/ a fork because... LOL Today I was eating lunch with 2 co workers and 1 eats everything with a knife and a fork. We were making fun of him asking him if he also ate his soup with a knife and a fork! Hee hee. About those biggest losers... GIRL! they are working out so much they barf and they only have their exercise programs/diet programs to worry about while there at the ranch, no jobs to go to everyday, no kids to hustle off to school...etc.

  2. I was going to post about how my Monday blues might be moving to Tuesday, but reading your post cheered me up again so I'm going to fly that feeling like a kite. :) Thank you, sadekat. And you are right, with nothing to do except be driven by a personal trainer all day, I bet I'd lose faster too!


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