Saturday, October 18, 2008

I made some nasty chocolate cardboard last night from a LC biscuit recipe I found online ... which would have been good if I'd followed it. I didn't have whey protein powder like it called for. Looking through my cabinets, all I could find that had whey in it was some LC chocolate shake mix, so I used that. I knew the biscuits would be chocolate tasting, I didn't know they would also be dry and flat like cookies. They sure didn't taste like cookies, and not like fluffy yummy biscuits either. Next time I'll be sure to have all the ingredients needed I suppose.

For lunch today I cooked ground beef with onions, cabbage, a can of mushroom soup, topped it with shredded cheddar and topped that with a LC pie crust mix. Not bad, I've made it before. Not great, but not bad either.

[ 1g ] icky chocolate biscuit
[ 6g ] some of the casserole from above
[ 0 ] sugarfree jello
=====TOTAL 7 carbs=====

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