Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jenn left a comment complimenting me on keeping food counts. As I filled up a reply I decided that it was so long I might as well make a real post out of it.


I did low carb several years ago and lost 80pounds. I kept it off for a few years and then fell off the wagon thinking that because I no longer had a weight problem I could eat normal people food. Well, no. I might have looked like a person who didn't have a weight problem, but I was still hyper sensitive to carbs. The weight didn't take more than a year to come back when I started eating them again. Keep in mind that I've never eaten a lot of food so falling off the wagon for me was having half a bagel with light cream cheese for breakfast most days, having a 9 piece nuggets from chic-fil-a with sauce (no fries because I didn't like their waffle fries) and a diet coke for lunch and having smart-pop popcorn some evenings after dinner which could be anything, but not a huge portion. Compared to most other people I know, I ate less. I always drank diet pop and that hasn't changed other than I avoid aspartame now.

To bring this long story to a point, I was very fat again and eventually decided to go back to low carb because I knew it worked. But I couldn't remember what exactly I ate or how much. So I read the book again and started like a noob ... thinking that this time I'm going to keep a record so that I'd never forget. :)

nope (I hate not eating anything for breakfast, but cro and i got up late)
[ 0 ] steakums
[ 2g ] cheese
[ 3g ] onions and mushrooms
[ 3g ] LC ice cream bar
[ 5g ] crustless strawberry cheesecake
=====TOTAL 13 carbs=====

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  1. How funny. I actually opened journal land to put my counts in so far. :D


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