Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday. Ick. But, for a change I don't have my typical Monday blues. I was starting to get worried about myself and those Monday depressions that were so deep and, well, depressing. >:(

I'm having lunch with Matt today. Fun!

And the project I've been working on is going great. Great!

And I watched a rerun marathon of "The Biggest Loser" yesterday and was wow'd. WoW!

And the boss told us that in prudence he is not going to allow us to have the whole week of Christmas off this year for Christmas cheer. Cheer?

Well, not yet, but then he came by and told me that the company is doing well and that I have nothing to worry about which calmed my fears. Cheer!

[ 6g ] half a LC toasted cheese sandwich
[ 0 ] grilled chicken breast
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 0 ] bacon bits
[ 1g ] small amount of asparagus
[ 2g ] LC breakfast bar
[ 0 ] beef
[ 3g ] onions
[ 1g ] mushrooms
[ 2g ] radishes
=====TOTAL 16 carbs=====

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