Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rawr. I'm starting to worry that I might not make my goal of a 10 pound loss this month. I'm eating just as I always have, but I haven't lost anything in several days. I know it probably seems silly to worry this early in the month, but if something is going wrong I want to be proactive and correct it now rather than taking the "wait and see" road.

I guess I always get freaked out when it seems like too many days have gone by without a loss. But damn-it, I'm making a lot of sacrifice regarding what I eat and don't eat ... I want to keep seeing results. Sacrifice is relative I suppose. I don't get to have all the sugary goodness that I love, and I don't get to have popcorn, and I don't get to have real pasta nor real breads nor real potato chips. I can have mock this and that, which isn't the same but isn't terrible either. And I eat steaks frequently.

Yesterday 20 carbs total.

Today I'll keep the carbs super low in preparation for a work-related cookout that our boss is hosting tonight. At the cookout I'll have my burger plain with no bun. Also, Cro and I are going to bring some red, yellow and green peppers and some chunks of onion to skewer and grill. I will not have alchohol nor any of the carby food. What I do have will be yummy and the company will be great.

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