Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some evil girly charged me with telling six secrets, so I will list hers and then try to use each one as a jumping off point for my out. Her's are italics, mine are not. :)

Six Random Facts About Me (that you may or may not know)

Jenn said:
1. I am obsessed with how my teeth feel. I think it's from wearing braces for so long and ever since they came off (15+ years ago) I've been obsessed with out slimy my teeth feel. But slimy = good, gritty, rough, etc = BAD! and when it feels that way I constant run my tongue on the spot and obsess about going home to brush my teeth (because I *refuse* to travel with toothbrush/toothpaste.

Oct said:
1. Teeth. I had braces when I was 16-18. I still eat apples and other "bitey" fruits by cutting them into pieces first. I could bite them, but all that time in braces instilled a fear of biting crunchy fruits and popping sections of my braces off my teeth (which happened a time or two). So, I have ... CrunchyFruit-aphobia maybe ... or BrokenBraces-aphobia ... or DentistYell-aphobia.

Jenn said:
2. I hate mixing lights. In my house there are a variety of light colors. Some are "orange" which would be a normal color. Others are blue which would be more of a sunlight color. so if you turn on the kitchen lights (blue) and the living room lights (orange) and I can see both from the dining table (where I do my homework) it really, really bothers me.

Oct said:
2. Lights. I work best in a dark room lit only by my computer monitor. Everything outside the edges of my monitor are potential distractions. Most of us designers prefer to work in the dark ... our creative director calls us vampires.

Jenn said:
3. I can't stand repetition. No blinky things. No dinging. Hate it all. Wish it would die so it will leave me alone. No explanation, I used to LOVE repetition. Now, 180.

Oct said:
3. The best number is 5.

Jenn said:
4. I've never really wanted kids. Ever. Still don't. Wouldn't mind adopting a toddler but really truly have zero interest in gettting pregnant and getting a child through infancy. And when I graduate as a nurse, I want to work with Geriatrics... which are like kids, but WAY more interesting. :D

Oct said:
4. Kids. I don't want kids either ... but I think kids are adorable. Puppies are adorable too. I'd rather have a kitten though. I don't hate kids, I just still feel like one myself and I probably will until I'm 80.

Jenn said:
5. I had a period today. That's not interesting, you're thinking. But yes, it is. I'm on two forms of birth control: Mirena IUD AND Lybrel Pills... the pills eliminate your period all together. So it was super strange to have a period. BUT that explains the uterine cramps I've been having for the last couple days... which it's been so long since I've had a respectable period that I've forgotten what they feel like. Don't miss them at all, just in case you're wondering.

Oct said:
5. Eww. I don't have periods either. Continuous birth control is my friend.

Jenn said:
6. I'm 29 years old and I still get Girl Crushes. I adore them. It's hard to explain to people what a Girl Crush is, but all girls get them. You just look at a chick and think "wow... if I were lesbian I'd soooo get with her!" and if you're lucky enough to get to know that chick, you go through all the infatuation stages. I love Girl Crushes and it's been a long, long time since I've had them. :D

I tag October and Suzy to carry this on. :D

Oct said:
6. Crushes. I'm 30-something. :P I've never a crush on a girl, but I've had some major-severe crushes on guys. My crushes are painfully intense when unreciprocated, and would lose my interest quickly when they were reciprocated. Here's something I wrote about one of my past unreciprocated crushes back in my blog from 2002 (when I could actually write well and i did not use caps):

it is common among us to think that regardless of the compromises we have made in life, that there will always be that one thing which cannot be settled upon. for that one thing, we swear, it is to be perfection or nothing.

and then we grow up a little.

and we realize, in defeat, that perfection is not to be possessed. every little thing which we perceive as perfect, from a distance, invariably shows its scabs and pocks at closer inspection.

but of course, there are those things which deny us closer inspection. they hold us away with their "never nevers" and "not you's" and "ha, in your dreams" ... those things MUST therefore be perfect, right? they can't be flawed because if they were anything less than perfect, why would they shove us away as they do? they aren't seeing us properly at the very least. or they are seeing us only at surface level. or they are distracted by some untruth that they simply can't see around. WE aren't a "never never" or a "not you." WE are the most special thing. the most special. if we just give it enough time, this will be recognized. heck, even perfection can make mistakes. cut it some slack.

it hurts to be told we are less than perfect. it hurts to be that object at the lower end of a visual trail which rides along the ridge of a perfect nose. and it hurts to see that only perfect thing (and i'm sure that even the flaws are perfect) look straight over our heads in its own search for perfection.

i wonder how many perfect faces the flat stones of my eyes have gouged and bloodied as they've skipped the surface of this pool in search of a deeper place to rest.

sigh ... what sad thing within me causes a bitter smile when i'm told of someone drowning in the shallows.

i know that to refute is a part of our nature. so for those of you who are thinking "but i didn't settle on that one thing i said i never would. i didn't settle and actually did find, and achieve possession of the perfect thing which i always knew was out there."

so tell me about it. i really really would like for you to.


Damn, I'm jealous of how well I used to write. This blog just doesn't seem appropriate for that tone, however. So you guys are stuck with the common and Caps using me.

Okay, to carry on this 6 questions thing, I tag


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  1. WOAH! It might take me a few days to figure out 6 secrets! :D I love being tagged!!!! Thanks!


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