Thursday, October 2, 2008

We had a good time at my boss's cookout. He has a fire pit in his back yard but said he's never had anyone over for a cookout before. Seven people in addition to Cro and I attended. There were grilled burgers, Cro brought skewers of peppers, onions and mushrooms and put them on the grill. There was also potato salad, chips and bratwurst. I brought a couple slices of low carb bread since I can't eat normal hamburger buns and that worked out well. One of the girls is vegetarian so she really appreciate the grilled veggies that Cro made. My boss's daughter came outside and served an apple crisp that she had made herself. His daughter is 13 and a shy little cutie. She was so proud to have made the dessert and just blushed and smiled when people told her how good it was. We stayed a few hours chatting and telling stories until the party broke up. It was sprinkling and getting very cold. The fire pit was nice and kept our legs cozy. The wind and popping and flying sparks from the fit pit kept everyone dodging flying embers.

I ate 2 burgers on my low carb bread along with a veggy kabob.

My friend Matt and I are going to get together for lunch next week one day. We haven't gotten together for a few weeks, so that will be fun.

My friend Cory is in Las Vegas this week. He said he is going to play $5 worth of quarter slots for me so wish him luck! Haha. He was also looking forward to playing a game called "Craps". I guess he's been studying how to win. I think he is also planning to see Cher perform.

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