Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yesterday I was talking to Cro about birthday cake (I'm planning ahead you know :)), and how I might want a piece of "normal" cake afterall, but that I'm not sure yet. After all, it would suck to eat carbs to celebrate my birthday and get a belated gift of gaining weight later >.<

He said that I should let him know ahead of time but I wouldn't want him to make it from scratch anyway. If I don't make my 10 pound loss goal this month I definitely don't want anything non-LC. To that thought, he said "well, you still have two weeks. You should be able to lose 3 more pounds in two weeks, easy". Skeptically I wondered if I actually can ... it's going so slow this month.

And to wrap up that boring story. I lost two more pounds as of this morning!

I'm afraid to even acknowledge the loss, the weight this month seems to be so fickle. But if it stays gone that makes me super happy!

I still don't know if I want a piece of normal birthday cake though. :P

[ 4g ] LC peanut butter with LC maple syrup (stir it up and yum)
[ 6g ] beef and cabbage with onions and mushroom soup mixed in
=====TOTAL 10 carbs=====


  1. You might want to try that LC Muffin mix and make it up as a cake. It would make a small cake, maybe a bread pan, but LC and honestly, I liked it. I really, really liked it. You make some LC frosting with cream cheese, davinci's to tasste and maybe some food coloring to make it a little more birthday festive. :D

  2. I'll keep that on the list as an option. Thank you :)


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