Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arrgh. Sadekat has started video blogging and now I'm so tempted to do it too. Very cool videos btw, Donna.

Thanksgiving is almost here, so is our office moving day. Several of us are staying late tonight to help pack. I'd rather go home and level my DK some more (WoW), but work needs to be done and I'm not about to stick everyone else with doing it all.

[ 3g ] Carbquik pancake
[ 6g ] sunflower seeds
[ 1g ] peanut butter
[ 0 ] steak steak steak (ok, just one and a third, but it was goooood)
=====TOTAL 10 carbs=====

1 comment:

  1. heheheh I am evil with the videos eh? The funniest part about the videos is playing them and having the cat look from the computer and then to me trying to figure out how I throw my voice!


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