Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doesn't that just take the cake!
(the ingredients to make the cake anyway)

Someone stole the erythrytol that I ordered before vacation. It was delivered on the very day that we left, and I suppose seeing a package sit on the steps for a whole week was too much temptation for the neighborhood. All I can say is I hope it makes you sick. :P

And now I'm still curious to find out if things made with erythrytol taste better than things made with Splenda. Guess I have to order more to find out.


  1. I'm sorry your stuff was stolen. I haven't ventured into erythrytol land yet... maybe eventually! :D

  2. If your talking about Chocolate, erythitol is hands down better IMHO if your talking about baked goods, well that's more a matter of taste. I more often than not use a blend of sweeteners. But remember erythitol has a cooling effect in the mouth kind of like wintergreen so it's not exactly something you want to notice while noshing on strawberry jam, but it also acts more like sugar and thickens a bit.
    Just my opinion of course.
    I hope whoever stole your package breaks out in a big loser rash!

  3. Breaking out in a big rash would be a fitting punishment for the theft. :) Especially if it breaks out right on the end of their nose for all to see. Hehe.

  4. Does erythrytol cause the stomach problems that other sugar alcohols do? If so, I hope the thief eats it like regular sugar by the mouthfull and gets some bathroom stress. Bwahahaha

  5. October,
    That's what I was thinking a big bright purple rash all over the face... if it happened to form the words thief all the better...giggle

    Donna, no it absolutely doesn't have the same gastric problems maltitol, sorbitol and a few of the others have. And it doesn't cause the insulin spikes they cause either. I avoid maltitol like the plague, with the expection of the tiny bit of artificial honey I use.

    I've used both the powdered and the granular erythitol in everything from coconut bark, to muffins with only excellent results.
    However it's not as sweet as sugar and you have to use more of it, and it has the cooling mouth feel. I normally mix with some form of sucralose or stevia.

    Hope you all have a wonderful evening,


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