Friday, November 21, 2008

Half a pound until 70 total lost. Grrr, I hate half pounds and try very hard to ignore them, not counting the pound gone until it's all the way gone, but I soooo want that 70 pound mark.

I made carbquik cheddar biscuits last night, and that's a recipe that not even I can mess up. Oooh so good. I really hope this carbquik stuff is not too good to be true. We shall see what Mr Scale says over time.

[ 4g ] carbquik biscuits with butter
[ 5g ] carbquik biscuits with cheese
[ 2g ] onions and radishes
[ 0 ] roast beef
=====TOTAL 11 carbs=====


  1. I tried your radishes cooked w/ roast beef today. We really liked them. They make a good substitute for potatoes I think.


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