Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I still haven't dropped that 1-pound. *glances suspiciously at Carbquik*.

I dunno, I need to ride this one out - my weight does have a tendency to fluctuate - but also take the Carbquik back out of my diet for now, just in case. I'll add it in again when I feel comfortable that I'm not stalled. Dang it, the nutrition panel reads like it's a true-blue low carb product. Perhaps it is and this 1 pound has nothing to do with it. Or perhaps the product isn't all that it claims to be or acts differently for different people. I can tell you that when something acts differently for different people, I'm always the person who gets the black eye (or fat thigh in this case). That's too bad because I don't eat that much ... but it's good that I'm keeping this blog and a close watch on things.

Carbquik, if you aren't responsible for this stuck pound, I apologize and will let you back in the house soon.

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