Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm back from a week-long vacation with no computer and little phone. It was very stress-free except when I was thinking of the projects I'll be working on as of tomorrow. I tried not to think too much. First thing I did when we got home was to jump on the scale. I was worried since I haven't been on the scale since last Monday, and also because it was noon (I normally weigh in early morning). Scale says that I lost 3 pounds while on vacation. I won't believe it until tomorrow morning weigh-in, but I'm still super de-flaberghasted. :D

Cro and I spent the week in a cabin near Monroe Lake. Our cabin was awesome and had tons of things to occupy our time (just no internet and no phone). There was a 60" television with satellite, a Lord of the Rings pinball machine, a pool table, a foozball table, dart board, sauna room, hottub (I made good use of the hottub), floor to ceiling windows (2 stories high), stacks of board games, wildlife to watch out those huge windows, a firepit, a grill, a working slot machine, a wall of mind games, and all the peace and quiet we could handle.

I missed and worried about the cat, but he was set up with food and water so the only worry was that he would be lonely. He was and is still letting us know how much he appreciates our company now that we are back.

My birthday was Friday and I spent over half the day in turmoil deciding whether or not I wanted a piece of birthday cake. I finally decided that yes I would. Cro and I went to Kroger and bought a piece but when we got back to the cabin I decided to throw the cake away and not eat it after all (Cro didn't want it either). I suppose that is a win for my determination. I did however eat a Reeses cup ... did you know that they are only 11 carbs per cup? I consider that to have been my birthday treat ... it was so good and I ate it as slowly as I could. :) Four slow and savoring bites. Cro ate his like this : MUNCH! it's gone.

Overall, I stayed under 23 carbs per day.

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    Glad you enjoyed your trip. The cabin sounds uh-mazing! For our little weekend honeymoon we rented a cabin in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and it was AWESOME! I, like you, made a lot of use of the hot tub. But the town is a tourist attraction so we spent a lot of time touring and visiting little shops. Plan on going back, but while our cabin was super nice, yours had more entertainment... although I guess a honeymoon cabin doesn't need much entertainment besides what was available... HAH!

    Welcome back! Congrats on the 3 lbs. Congrats on tossing the cake and having a reeses cup instead. :D

    Take care!!!


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