Sunday, November 16, 2008

In a crappy mood today. I have things that I want to accomplish before the weekend is over, and as usual it is going waaaaay too fast. *sigh*

I did however lose another half a pound (too bad I don't like to count it in halves). But, 1/2 pound to 70 total lost.

I really like the feel of my new jeans. The one pair of non-cropped jeans that I had been wearing is very apparently too big to me now that I have a properly fitting pair ... I have to pin my dress pants or they just fall down. I think I'll stop in and buy a couple more pair of jeans and maybe some new dress pants tomorrow.

I ran into vanity sizing for larger girls when I bought those jeans btw. I'm a 3 in the new stupid size chart (which is absolutely ridiculous when my old size 18s are still a tad too tight). Size 3 jeans at Fashion Bug Plus equal size 20 in the real world. I think I'll go from these 3s to my old stash of 18s in a couple of months. I'm very excited!

[ 2g ] peanut butter
[ 1g ] radishes
[ 2g ] onions
[ 0 ] bacon
[ 5g ] LC ice cream
[ 0 ] ground beef
[ 4g ] bell pepper
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 4g ] sunflower seeds
=====TOTAL 19 carbs=====


  1. I'm still dealing with the issue of "fitting" jeans. I have some size 3 from Lane Bryant. I'm not sure what that translates to (24?).

    They are made with curves. So they actually fit. Even at the waist. It drives me nuts. Sometimes I have to wear my fat jeans just to feel like something isn't digging into my gut.

    Off to do stuff and get ready for skewl. :D

  2. I'm pretty sure 3 is size 20 ... 22 is too big for me and 18 is too small.


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