Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've lost that pound and a half again as of this morning. AND I realized why I probably gained it. I had a few handfuls of salty sunflower kernels Sunday. The super saltiness must have made me retain water Monday. Nice to know. :) I don't want to worry about salt and don't want to avoid it ... it's just piece of mind to understand that the gain isn't something I'm doing wrong and that it will correct itself the next day.

I also bought more jeans yesterday, and am confused. >.< The first pair that I bought were "RightFit 3 Regular for straight body type" and fit like a dream. They also drag the ground if I'm not wearing boots since I'm a shorty.

So the new pair that I bought last night were:

"RightFit 3 Short for curvy body type" - these were too big and I will take them back.

"RightFit 3 Short for straight body type" - these are tighter than the same thing in Regular length. hmm

And lastly the second pair from my first buy were "RightFit 3 Regular for slightly curvy body type" - these are a little too big, but not as bad as big as the curvy short size.

I guess I need to stick with straight body type and regular length for now, even though I would not consider myself shaped like a board, nor tall, lol.

So to conclude my analysis of these RightFit jeans :) it seems that long length is bigger than short length. Curvy is bigger than slightly curvy. Slightly curvy is bigger than Straight body type.

[ 2g ] peanut butter
[ 3g ] some bell pepper
[ 0 ] ground beef
[ 1g ] cheese
[ 5g ] LC ice cream
[ .5g ] taste tested Dixie Carb Mac & Cheese
[ 5g ] LC ice cream
[ 2g ] sunflower seeds
=====TOTAL 18.5 carbs=====

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  1. I get super curvy. But I was severly annoyed when the girl based my pants size off my waist size... mostly because I have a tiny waist and giant hips.

    She recommended a two. I couldn't get them over said fat fat hips.

    I bought a couple pairs of threes. She was annoyed that I didn't get the size she recommended. "They have stretch in them so they'll loosen as you wear them."

    I just looked at her and said "I have to get them on and breath in them first."



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